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Worth Co. farmer injured in tractor crash speaks out about road safety


These days A.W. Gill is spending a lot of time at home. He grew up farming, and would normally be out working in his field, but his injuries have left him homebound for now. 

"I'm fair, but its hard to get comfortable with these broke ribs because you can lay down and then moving, its hard to be in a good mood," says Worth County Resident A.W. Gill.

In July, he was driving his tractor on Highway 300 near Stripling's Store in Worth County when he says a truck came out of nowhere.

"Well I had went to mow around some fields where I was gonna plant some more late snap beans, and I was coming home and about where the old Striplings is a truck just hit me from behind, and knocked me off my tractor," says Gill.

This is the only accident he's had while driving a tractor, but he knows other farmers who have been involved in crashes as well. He says he would like to see more signage added along the roadway to alert drivers.

"Well as I see it the highways are for the tractors, the trucks, and the cars. But I think, it wouldn't hurt to put a few more signs down there along the interstate because there are a  lot of farmers in Worth County. Crisp County rides that road," he says.

Gill says he's waiting for his broken ribs and right elbow to heal. Right now, his wife Carol is the sole provider.

"Its been a long road, he's not able to farm right now, and so that was his life. All that is just going to have to wait, and were just trying to get him better, hopefully soon," says his wife Carole Gill.

She says he's trying to be patient, but its been hard. Gill spent about 12 weeks in the hospital, including five days in the intensive care unit.

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