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The World outside the SEC: Is Oregon better than a top-ranked SEC team?

It's time for one of these conference's best to put their money were their mouth is as conference play heats up. (Source: College Press Box) It's time for one of these conference's best to put their money were their mouth is as conference play heats up. (Source: College Press Box)

(RNN) – In case you live under a rock or the Southeastern Conference truly is the bane of your existence, unranked Tennessee played a pretty good game against No. 6 Georgia in Knoxville on Saturday.

That loss really brought out the anti-SEC college football fans out to troll as Georgia (4-1, 3-0 SEC) barely beat Tennessee (3-3, 0-2 SEC) in another three point victory in overtime. Things like, "Oregon is better than the SEC, Georgia can barely beat a team we took to the woodshed," were the jest messages left in the comment sections across the internet.

The SEC game de jour left this question lingering in many minds: is Oregon better than a top-ranked SEC team because Tennessee almost beat Georgia?

Is that like asking if Louisville really that good? Or is Jameis Winston really that amazing? Or is Clemson going to pull a Clemson and self-destruct? Is Stanford the best team in the Pac-12? These are all tough questions that require teams actually playing like-competition to be answered. Or in Stanford's case, playing Oregon on Nov. 16.

The answer for the Ducks: Maybe - but Oregon could only really prove that by making it to the National Championship.

The No. 2 Ducks (5-0, 2-0 Pac-12) did beat Colorado (2-2, 0-2 Pac-12) 57-17 on Saturday. Talk about having tough competition week after week.

Week 6 winners

Florida State - It's no wonder Maryland is running like heck to get out of the ACC. After looking like a pretty solid team in the last few weeks, the Terrapins (4-1, 0-1 ACC) won't be ranked after getting steam rolled by freshman quarterback Jameis Winston and the Seminoles (5-0, 3-0 ACC) 63-0.

As far as the freshman quarterback, there aren't words that adequately describe his latest career-high numbers. Just watch. Oh, and they get a week off to prepare for Clemson. NEXT UP: @ Clemson on Oct. 19.

Stanford -A few things on Stanford: They defeated a major conference test in defeating the No. 15-ranked Washington Huskies 31-28 late night Saturday.

The win for the Cardinals came with a minimal offensive performance and a late overturned Huskies catch allowed a win to in the hands of the home team. Finally, they should wear those black uniforms all the time, those are sharp. NEXT UP: @ Utah on Oct. 12.

UCLA - The Bruins (4-0, 1-0 Pac-12) are slowly making their way up the Top 25. In a win over the Utah Utes (3-2, 0-2 Pac-12), UCLA's stellar quarterback Brett Hundley ran for a touchdown, caught a touchdown reception and threw for a score in the 34-27 victory. It also helped that his defense picked off Utah quarterback Travis Wilson six times. NEXT UP: Cal on Oct. 12.

Baylor - I am not sure if the Baylor Bears (4-0, 1-0 Big 12) are scoring points like this because the current edition of the NCAA football video game is that last version, but saying they offensively efficient is a giant understatement.

The No. 17-ranked Bears' 73-42 defeat of West Virginia (3-3, 1-2 Big 12) in Waco was underscored by the 62 rushing attempts for 468 rushing yards for Baylor. The Mountaineers only had 394 yards of total offense. Baylor had 864 yards of total offense had four turnovers and still won by double digits. That's like if you have the video game and you know all the cheat codes. NEXT UP: @ Kansas State on Oct. 12.

Other Top 25 winners: No. 3 Clemson beat Syracuse 49-14; No. 4 Ohio State defeated No. 16 Northwestern is a tough one 40-30; No. 7 Louisville didn't need to hang 70 points on someone to win, beating Temple 30-7; No. 11 Oklahoma beat TCU 20-17; undefeated No. 14-ranked Miami came back in the second half to beat a tough Georgia Tech team 45-30; No. 19 Michigan beat Minnesota 42-13; No. 20 Texas Tech were victorious against Kansas 54-16; Kansas State fell to No. 21 Oklahoma State 33-29; No. 23 Fresno State beat Idaho 61-14 on Friday night.

Week 6 losers

Northwestern - Much like Washington, the Wildcats (4-1. 0-1 Big 10) put up a fight against Ohio State that could have slowed down their momentum, but a late-game Buckeyes stop ruined the valiant effort. NEXT UP: @ Wisconsin on Oct. 12.

Washington - The rest of the Pac-12 better watch out for the offensively strong Huskies (4-1, 1-1 Pac-12). The loss against Stanford will have them out for blood throughout the rest of their conference schedule. They out gained Stanford 489-279 in total yards. NEXT UP: No. 2 Oregon on Oct. 12.

Arizona State - Losing is one thing; losing to an unranked Notre Dame in primetime at a neutral site in ugly uniforms? That deserves a fall out of the Top 25. NEXT UP: vs. Colorado on Oct. 12.

Week 7 game of the week: No. 2 Oregon @ No. 15 Washington, 4 p.m. – Since Duck fans want to prove themselves nationally, they will have to play in front of a small viewing audience on Fox Sports 1. The Huskies are jumping at the chance to upset a big Pac-12 opponent. This will be worth stalking the internet to keep up with the score.

Lest we forget: Maybe Charlie Weiss should go the way of Lane Kiffin – No one laughed harder than me at the mid-season firing of Lane Kiffin from Southern California a week ago. He may have had a terrible tenure as the head coach of the Trojans, but let's not forget about the mediocre job former NFL offensive guru and once Fighting Irish savior Charlie Weiss is doing in Lawrence.

In his first year at his most obscure job ever, the Jayhawks (2-2, 0-1 Big-12) are praying that basketball season to get here sooner. The Jayhawks are 99th in the nation in passing yards per game, 90th in rushing yards and 110th in points per game.

I can't remember the last time Kansas was a significant players in the Big-12, and Saturday's huge loss at home against Texas Tech is just the beginning of their conference schedule. However long Weiss is there, play like that won't keep him in Lawrence long. They can't all be Bill Self.

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