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Injured biker calls for more awareness

Marie Estes Marie Estes
Estes had just ridden in a motorcade for a firefighter killed in a motorcycle crash Estes had just ridden in a motorcade for a firefighter killed in a motorcycle crash

Motorcyclists say South Georgia roads seem to be getting more dangerous for bikers. 66 year old Larry Estes had just ridden in a motorcade for an Albany firefighter killed in a motorcycle crash, and was on his way home when he was hit by a car.

Estes is expected to spend the next month in Phoebe Putney Hospital's rehab facility, facing a painful recovery from Saturday's motorcycle crash.

His wife Marie Estes said "It pretty much destroyed his left knee, and he has five broken ribs. Which is what is causing him the most pain."

A retired electrician at Miller Brewing, Estes rode in a Parade Saturday morning, and then as a member of the Legion Riders rode in the funeral motorcade for Albany Fire Inspector Dan Harden. Harden was killed last week when a car turned in front of his motorcycle as he rode to work.

Riding home from the funeral, police say Estes was struck on East Oglethorpe Boulevard by a Chevrolet Silverado driven by Aleshia Williams of Brunswick. Police say she changed lanes without seeing the motorcycle.

Following Harden's death and her husband's injury, Marie Estes urges drivers to watch for motorcycles.  "You see so much that could be totally avoided. If you would just open your eyes. Take that extra half second at a stop light or a stop sign. And yield to oncoming traffic. You just have to do it."

Marie says Larry has ridden motorcycles for 45 years, and it's a big part of his life. But she says Doctors have told him his left knee will never be the same after the crash.

"He'll be able to walk on it, but as far as things like dancing, he won't be able to do it," said his wife.

Hoping to save others from similar pain, or death, Larry and Marie Estes urge South Georgia drivers to use more caution and look twice for motorcycles.

Phoebe Putney Hospital officials would not allow us to interview Larry, but Marie says her husband has already told her he will be riding his motorcycle again. He just wants other motorists to share the road when he gets back riding again.

Albany Police cited Williams for failure to maintain her lane.


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