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Gov't shutdown could impact Georgians trying to buy homes


The longer the shutdown drags on, the more it could impact south Georgians trying to buy homes.  The U-S-D-A, which handles many mortgages in rural areas, is not taking on any addition loans right now.  And mortgages making their way through the Federal Housing Administration could be delayed if the shutdown doesn't end soon.     

The president of the Albany Board of Realtors says she hasn't seen any problems yet and is remaining optimistic.

"Everything else seems to be fine, there may be short staff on some of them, so it may be a little longer, they are still doing loans, loans are still ok, go online and apply for a loan, don't worry about it, because I don't think we will have a problem," said Diane Barlow, Albany Board of Realtors.    

Mortgages backed by Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and the Department of Veterans Affairs should not be affected at all because their operations are funded by fees paid by lenders, not the government.

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