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Firearms currently in the hands of crooks

Matthew Dennis (Store Manager) Matthew Dennis (Store Manager)

Four people covered up to conceal their identities, broke into the American Pawn shop in Moultrie around 3 AM last Monday. Surveillance video shows crooks breaking the glass to the store to get in. Once in, they stole some of the store's most popular items.  

The burglars were after guns and jewelry.  The video shows them leaving the store with bags filled with stolen merchandise that included 24 handguns and five assault rifles that are now in the hands of criminals.  

"The biggest concern automatically is all the guns on the street and nobody wants a bunch of unregistered guns on the street," said Matthew Dennis, Store manager, American Pawn Shop.  

The store lost about $15,000 worth of merchandise. 

"Well we have to pay for all of the firearms through our distributors and just completely out when they're gone like this," said Dennis. 

They want you to take a look at the surveillance video, the store is offering a reward to try to get these guys behind bars.  

"And we're also offering a reward up to $1,000 on the identification and arrest of any of the responsible parties," said Dennis.  

Store manager Matthew Dennis says with all of the killings occurring in the U.S. Due to gun violence, he wants to make sure the guns stolen from his shop aren't used in crimes.  

"But I would hate to find out that one of our guns caused an incident like that," said Dennis.   Dennis just has one message to those who currently have the store's firearms.  

"Be smart, don't end up taking somebody's family member or hurting someone that's innocent."

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