WALB TOP TEN TEAM: DWS' Fox impacting both sides of the ball

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Before the season, Deerfield-Windsor head coach Allen Lowe knew his star defensive end Matthew Fox was going to need to take on a bigger role.

"He pretty much just told me we're going to need you to do some different stuff this year," Fox remembers. "I said whatever you need coach."

That new role included being an offensive playmaker.

Fox hasn't just embraces his Mr. Everything role with the Knights. He's thrived in it.

"I like doing different things. Trying new things keeps you hungry every week," Fox says. "I think it's pretty fun."

Now the Knights' all-time leader in sacks has become one of the best offensive players in GISA.

He leads Class AAA in rushing and is in the to 10 in receiving.

"He gives us a weapon that could break it on any play," says Lowe. "He's our one guy that everyone knows that could happen."

But Fox hasn't let his play on the defensive side slip either.

"Defensively, he can just take away one side of the ball," Lowe says.

Lowe credits Fox's preparation for allowing him to make a dual impact for the Knights.

"He probably studies film more than anybody on the team in regards to the defensive side of the ball," says Lowe. "He does a good job of studying it and preparing for a Friday night."

Fox says he'll do whatever his coaches ask if it helps his team win.

"There's nothing I won't do," he laughs. "But there's some things I guess, I don't know how well I'd do."

"He knows what this team is capable of if we start putting it all together and I think he's ready to take charge," Lowe says.

And that jack-of-all-trades ability has landed Fox on our WALB Top Ten Team.

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