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Some south Georgians couldn't get insured today

April Bush April Bush

April Bush is an outreach and enrollment specialist at Primary Care of Southwest Georgia in Blakely. 

Today, she was inundated with calls and emails from Southwest Georgians wanting to learn more about health reform law and how they can sign up for a health insurance.  

"Goodness , my phone has been ringing off the hook today from people who have gotten our number and they're just very interested in learning more, how do they apply, how do they get the benefits, who can apply," said April Bush, Outreach and enrollment specialist, Primary Care of Southwest Georgia.  

Bush says doing her job effectively today was a challenge.  

"The website has been down which is an encouraging sign, because it means people are going to the marketplace, they're trying to get covered, they're trying to apply, but on the flip side of it, they're people who do want to apply that actually weren't able today to go on there to see what it's all about," said Bush.  

Not everyone is excited, Johnny Taylor says he believes the Affordable Care Act law will hurt small business owners.  

"I know that it might help some folks, but I think a vast majority from what I understand it probably will not help, and as I stated earlier I believe that small businesses especially will be hurt," Johnny Taylor, concerned citizen.  

Bush says the higher cost of premiums for people in south Georgia is due to limited health care providers.  

"The Metro Atlanta area is saturated with healthcare facilities and providers whereas in Southwest Georgia, we have limited choices, and limited choices leads to lack of negotiating power on behalf of the insurance companies, and a lack of negotiating power will lead to higher prices," said Bush.  

Bush says people who couldn't sign up for coverage today because of problems with the website shouldn't worry. 

The open enrollment period lasts for six months. If you would like to learn more about the healthcare law you can contact April Bush at 229-366-0689 or visit

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