Viewpoint: Major brewer saves landfill space

The Miller Coors brewery in Albany reached a major milestone last week, and announced it is now operating as one of six landfill-free breweries in the country.

That means it now recycles more than 99 percent of its waste. The project that they've been working on for several years now eliminates 40 tons of waste per month that was previously sent to our landfill.

"We feel like this environmental stewardship is a part of our responsibility, "Sustainability is a part of our responsibility as a beer company," said Vice President Tim Dill.

Miller Coors invested $100,000 in new equipment for its waste reduction efforts. Their recycling center recycles glass, cardboard and aluminum cans. In addition to saving space in our land fill, they actually make over a million dollars a year in bi-product sales that come right back to the brewery so use again in the facility.

Leftover brewer's grain is shipped to cattle ranches in South Georgia and North Florida as cattle feed, while left over brewers yeast is sent to Thomasville and used as pet food.

Miller officials say they're currently working on money-saving water conservation projects. They hope to make a major announcement about that within the next six months We hope this serves as a great example others will follow...