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MCLB workers brace for government shutdown


One of south Georgia's largest employers would take a big hit from a government shutdown.

Workers at the Marine Corps Logistics Base haven't had a raise in four years, and they just went through furloughs. Now, they're once again worried about their paychecks.

Much of the work at MCLB Albany could come to a halt Tuesday.  Monday night, Public Affairs Officer Capt. Justin Jacobs said, "We are prepared should a government shutdown occur, however, we are remaining hopeful and keeping the faith with our Marines, our civilian Marines, and our employees that legislation will be passed by midnight tonight."

Frustrated civilian workers aren't so optimistic, and many are wondering how they'll pay their bills. American Federal of Government Employees Local President John Distefano said, "You have to juggle things around. You can't be on time with everything. You have to rob Peter to pay Paul."

Industrial Specialist Billy Herman found out Monday he'll be listed as an essential worker and will continue to get paid. He's worried about his co-workers who will find out when they show up to work Tuesday that they're temporarily out of a job. "They'll have time to secure their computers and their work area, and they'll have to go home without pay, not knowing when they'll come back to work or when they'll get their next paycheck," Herman said.

There's also a third category of workers who will work but won't get paid. They have to hope Congress authorizes retro-pay once the budget battle is settled. Repair Division Production Planner  Cindy Williams said, "I will be expected, required to show up for work tomorrow and do my job just like normal, just with no pay."

The whole ridiculous situation has workers shaking their heads and sending a message to Congress. "Pass the budget, so the business of the country can get done, and we can get paid," Herman said.

Marines are considered essential. By the way, so are members of Congress, so they'll continue to get paid.

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