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Deer more abundant on roads during the fall


Now that fall is here you need to watch out for deer on roadways. Dougherty County Police say they see nearly double the number of deer collisions during the fall months. 

Deer are more active this time of year.  Captain Tom Jackson says deer are most active around dawn and dusk.  They often travel in herds, so if you see one deer, then there probably are others nearby.

 If a deer darts into the road, he says slow down, but don't try to swerve.

"And people over react, and like I said when they steer the vehicle and lose control, if you break slowly and control the steering wheel you are more likely to survive with a deer, but if you don't that's what leads to people going off roadways and flipping their cars," says Capt. Tom Jackson, with Dougherty County Police.

Jackson says DCP usually works 10 to 12 deer wrecks a month, but that often doubles during October, November and December.


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