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Here's how a government shutdown will affect MCLB


With a potential federal government shutdown looming, officials at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany are taking a serious look at how each part of the base will be affected.

Officials say they will know if any employees will be furloughed at midnight Monday night, dependent on a shutdown.

According to MCLB, military personnel and exempt civilian personnel will continue to work through the potential period of shutdown. These personnel will not be paid during the shutdown, but will receive paychecks retroactively once appropriations are made available.

All other civilian personnel will be furloughed for the extent of the potential shutdown, according to guidelines established by the Office of Personnel Management.

Positions critical to national security, public health and safety, medical care, power and maintenance, emergency and disaster assistance, and vital areas will not be furloughed.

According to the base, each agency is responsible for notifying employees of whether they are exempt or not, and MCLB is still finishing that process with civilian employees.

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