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Thieves stealing cars by using keyless entry codes

Pressing the lock button on a keyless entry device would make anyone feel safe and protected knowing no one can get into their vehicle. The only problem is that's not always the case.

Apparently thieves are targeting those keyless entry remotes by using a device to de-code the signal and break into vehicles.

"If people are using their remote controls for their car locks, they have this device that can pick it up and mimic the code so they can get into the vehicle after you leave," according to Captain David Knipes with the Myrtle Beach Police Department.

Captain Knipes believes this crime is just another reminder to be careful and aware of your surroundings, "If you can take that extra time to manually hit the door lock, then that's something you should do."

Anne Alexiou uses her keyless entry routinely when getting in and out of her vehicle. She said she isn't surprised at all to hear of such a thing. "They're intercepting everything else our computers our phones and I think anything that can be sent up in the air can be intercepted. It's one new way of getting us."

Alexiou admits hearing this new way criminals are targeting people has her on guard. She said, "They can hack into anything anywhere so why not your car?"

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