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Fright Nights scares at a new location

Simone Thompson talks about what thrill seekers should expect. Simone Thompson talks about what thrill seekers should expect.
Entrance of Fright Nights Entrance of Fright Nights

Around this time every year people in Albany come together to give themselves one big scare, with masks, clowns and figures lingering in the shadows, Fright Nights Haunted House allows visitors walk into their very own horror movie.

And with a relocation from the old warehouse of Circuit City to the Harley Davidson building, the new space gives organizers more to look forward to.

"Nothing is going to be the same as it was last year, even the rooms we brought back it's a different layout," Fright Nights Coordinator, Simone Thompson said.

With the help of several volunteers they were able to construct over 20 different rooms making the walk through a little over 3 football fields. And with 19 live actors ready to work makes even Thompson cautious of where she goes.

"Walking around corners I have to be real careful because the guys are really trying to scare me this year," Thompson continues.

But its not all scares, Fright Nights has teamed up with the Albany Museum of Art donating ticket sales to fund children programs and activities, it's their unique way to give back to the community.

Thompson shares, "I guess its the thrill and adrenaline rush people get off of it but we're glad that they do because it benefits the local non-profit."

It's locals helping locals with a little bit of a scare mixed in.


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