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Criminals victimize deploying Airman

Neighbor Billy Sarco feels terrible the Santays were victims once again Neighbor Billy Sarco feels terrible the Santays were victims once again

A Moody Airman, about to deploy to a war zone, is the victim of a crime for the second time in this month. Someone broke into the airman's home then set it on fire Three weeks ago. Police say Wednesday, two other men broke in and stole a washer and dryer from the home.

Neighbors of Sergeant First Class Jonathon Santay tell us he is deploying tomorrow overseas. Just before he leaves, he has another headache to deal with. The home he and his wife were renting on Deborah Drive was burglarized and set on fire three weeks ago while they were out of town. They lost nearly everything. But this washer and dryer remained.

Valdosta Police say yesterday they were stolen. "Because somebody took the time to call in suspicious activity we were able to stop them and put them in jail," said Aaron Kirk of VPD.

Police found Lawrence Parrish and Cortez Howell driving nearby and recovered the washer and dryer. According to police reports that call to 911 came from the same home where 24-year-old Charles Hawkins' lives.

Hawkins is the man arrested last week for burglarizing the home and setting it on fire September 9th.

Neighbor Billy Sarco says he feels terrible the Santays were victims once again. "I guess they're looking out for the neighborhood and that's good. He's fighting every day for our safety and our county. And that is really sad, that is just not fair. First the house was engulfed in flames, and now three weeks later, look at it now."

Sarco says he spoke with Sergeant Santay yesterday after the burglary. "I asked him if he had watched the news and he said no Billy it's just too sad."

The Santays are living on base at Moody for now. Tomorrow Sergeant Santay will join a group of 300 airmen for deployment. Parrish and Howell are charged with burglary for taking.

They are now in the Lowndes County Jail, along with Hawkins who is charged with burglary and arson for the previous break-in.


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