Viewpoint: Southside Library

It is disappointing to hear that none of the non-profit groups looking to use the now closed Southside Library submitted a bid to use the building.

We don't the reasons why they chose not to submit a bid  but do know one group that appeared ready to use the building after making a formal presentation to the commission almost three months ago.

Of course, everyone wants to see Southside Library re-open and county commissioners say that is now their goal.

But it doesn't seem realistic the money is going to be found to re-open Southside.

Especially after commissioner could only find enough money in next year's budget to re-open Westtown Library but only for 16 hours a week.

If the county doesn't have the money to re-open the Southside Library, then they should do everything possible to find a tenant who will use the building in a way that will improve the quality of life in our community.

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