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MillerCoors train on how to handle dangerous chemicals


Albany's MillerCoors Brewery is putting safety first. The plant deals with some dangerous chemicals.

Wednesday afternoon they participated in a safety drill focusing on how to handle hazardous situations.

The MillerCoors emergency response team and the Albany Fire Department come together every few years to train on the decontamination process. They say it's a team effort to keep everyone is safe and they always train for the worst.

"Like any manufacturing firm, we got hazardous materials on site that support our operation and this particular location we have refrigerants because we are a food production facility," said Patrick Chastain, Miller Coors Safety Manager.

In case there is a hazardous material spill, the fire department hazmat team will assist MillerCoors.

"Today, we are focusing on using their decontamination process and making sure our folks are familiar with it and that their folks had an opportunity at the same time to exercise with some of their equipment as well," said Patrick Chastain, Miller Coors Safety Manager.

Once the MillerCoors emergency response team has entered a contaminated building, they must go through three zones of decontamination. The same goes for employees and victims exposed to dangerous material.

"We can't let them leave this site unless their decontamination. Decontamination has to have the products washed and remain in site because we can't let EMS touch them until their deconed or even transport them to the hospital," said Battalion fire chief Keith Ambrose.

Battalion Chief Keith Ambrose says hazmat is a slow process. It may take close to an hour before a decon station is setup, but everything must be done properly.

"If we let anything leave this property we just cross contaminated the ambulance, hospital and anywhere in between," said Battalion fire Chief Keith Ambrose.

MillerCoors officials hope this joint exercise will help prevent any hazardous situation from becoming a disaster.

The fire department says all firefighters in the county are certified for this training.

Dougherty County EMS was also there just in case anyone got hurt in the drill, but it went off with no problems.

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