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Snakes surface at metro Atlanta apartment complex


Tenants at a metro Atlanta apartment complex said they feel unsafe and it has nothing to do with crime.

Darrick Durrett Jr. could not believe his eyes when he reached in a fruit bowl inside his apartment a couple of weeks ago and found a snake.

"My mom was like what's going on? She said there's a snake and wondered if it was a toy, and then it moved and I was like no," Durrett Jr. said.

Durrett Jr. said he's seen two snakes in his home this month at the Bradford, at Gwinnett apartments, just off Beaver Ruin Road, and he's not alone.

Maintenance found another large one on the property recently.

"We get rats, rodents, cockroaches, typical household bugs but not snakes though," Durrett Jr. said.

CBS Atlanta News spoke with the property manager and he said there have been some snakes at the complex due to all the rain, but that it's nothing out of the ordinary. He also said they are treating the problem.

Durrett Jr. said he may be forced to move out even though his lease is not up, especially since he has a 2-month-old daughter living in the conditions.

"It's actually up next year, but I will break it if I have to," Durrett Jr. said.

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