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Holiday grease clogging up Albany's sewage system

Ann Zimmer-Shepherd, Sewer Superintendent Ann Zimmer-Shepherd, Sewer Superintendent

 Albany public works employees say grease is clogging up the city's sewage system.

The Public Works department is launching an educational campaign to discourage you from dumping grease down drains or toilets.

They say it becomes a bigger problem during the holiday season and often clogs filters and screens and attaches to other debris. 

But grease isn't the only item creating problems in the city's 84 lift stations. 

"I can tell you that when we cleaned one station, which hadn't been cleaned for some time, we pulled over 30 tons of material out of it," said Ann Zimmer-Shepherd, Sewer Superintendent.  "Everything from carpets to unfortunately dead animals, to big, thick chunks of grease.  Any and all things."

Shepherd said the city's sewage system is faring pretty well, but she wants residents to help improve it.  She said medications, feminine hygiene products, grease and oils should be properly thrown away and not dumped in drains or toilets.  


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