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Mobile home massacre case set to go to trial


The case of a massacre at a Glynn County mobile home is finally seeing some light at the end of a four-year-long tunnel. 

The new judge said the 2009 case of eight people bludgeoned to death will be tried now. 

Jury selection is underway, which is a big step in this capital murder trial. The four-year hold up in the case in part has to do with big changes within the judicial system.  

"I just got home and my whole family is dead. My dad is dead. My whole family is dead. My dad is dead. My uncle is dead. Everyone is dead," said Guy Heinze Jr. in a 911 call on Aug. 29, 2009.

A week after that chilling 911 call, Glynn County police charged Heinze in connection with the slayings. 

Heinze was going through the normal court proceedings - first appearance, pre-trial hearings - and then in 2010 major changes took place in and around the courtroom.  

In 2010, defense attorney Joseph Vigneri asked to be released from the case after being re-assigned from Brunswick to the Atlanta circuit. 

In 2011, Superior Court Judge Amanda Williams presiding over the case resigned amid misconduct allegations unrelated to the case. 

The current attorney representing Heinze wants the trial pushed until 2014, but the presiding judge says no way.  

Superior Court Judge Stephen Scarlett had 1,500 summonses mailed out for the case and set aside an entire month to narrow down the jury pool. 

In the case that an impartial jury cannot be chosen from Glynn County, Scarlett had jury summonses sent to Jeff Davis County as a backup. 

If all goes well in Glynn County, the trial is set to begin Oct. 15.

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