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Collect cans for a good cause


Recycling is strongly encouraged, but did you know you could also help burn victims throughout the state by doing it? Each year hundreds of Georgians are injured by fire, and the cost of recovery can be expensive.

That's where the Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation plays a big role. Lee County's aluminum can drop off point has raised thousands for the Georgia Burn Foundation.

"Most of the money goes to help families of burn victims and the recovery of burn victims. It helps with housing families at the burn center in Augusta," said Lee County Asst. Fire Chief Paul Branch

 And these aluminum cans go a long way to helping this noble cause. "Since 1987, the state of Georgia has collected a little over four million pounds of aluminum cans which has resulted in about $2.2 million that they've raised state wide," Branch said.

Its money that's also supports burn awareness and prevention. Since 2004 the trailer outside Century Fire Station on US 19 in Lee County has raised more $10,000 for the burn foundation. It's an amount they want to see go up.

"We just want to encourage everybody, if they recycle and don't have anywhere to take it to, we'll be more than glad to take it," Branch said.

 Right now this is the only recycling trailer in Lee County that supports the burn foundation. Anyone willing to donate a trailer for the cause could help establish another drop off point. It would equal more cans and in turn more help for burn victims and their families.

And if you have would like to donate to the Georgia Burn Foundation or trailer to serve as a new recycling drop off location, Contact the Lee County Fire Department.

Call 229-759-6090 for info.

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