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Reviews mixed on colorful Broughton look for Spongebob film

Broughton Street continues to be transformed for the Spongebob Squarepants filming that's coming up next month. Broughton Street continues to be transformed for the Spongebob Squarepants filming that's coming up next month.
Adam Iardino, owner of Dino's Pizzeria Adam Iardino, owner of Dino's Pizzeria
Downtown Business Association President Ruel Joyner Downtown Business Association President Ruel Joyner

A colorful change is underway as downtown gets ready for the filming of "Spongebob Squarepants 2". Filming begins on Broughton Street in two weeks. 

Some like the changes and some don't. Movie production crews were working downtown on Tuesday to prepare for the filming. They still have some work to do. Painting continues and temporary awnings are going up.

Some will be covering up the names of their businesses. Businesses are operating as usual and are being compensated for the changes. 

Inside the space of the former Shipwreck restaurant, production crews are creating a set and a makeshift wall to be used in the live action Spongebob Squarepants sequel, which will extend down Broughton Street from Montgomery Street to Abercorn Street and end up at the Lucas Theater. 

The new color scheme downtown is catching a lot buzz and attention, but it's only temporary until after filming ends. 

All the work is for possibly ten days of filming on Broughton Street, but already some of those businesses seeing extra foot traffic. Downtown Business Association President Ruel Joyner said he likes that. 

"You can go down by the Shipwreck and see the gloss white and gloss green. It's almost bringing the street alive. We live in interesting times and to see that being done on Broughton Street … this is the first time this corridor has been given a bath in 20 years. It's just amazing and I think a lot of great things will come to the city for it," Joyner said. 

But not everyone is on board with Beach Street, Anywhere, USA and Spongebob movie production. 

Crew members told WTOC they would love to have the full cooperation from all the business owners and building owners to turn Broughton Street into a bright and colorful Beach Street Anywhere USA, which will be it's name in the movie.  

"It brings alot of attention to downtown," said Adam Iardino, owner of Dino's Pizzeria. His shop was painted red as part of the movie makeover. "A lot of people are loving the colors that are going on outside for the Spongebob movie."

Iardino said he'd like to see the bright colors on his pizzeria stay.

"I can understand the wild colors they have right now next to mine, but mine is actually OK. It looks good and being it's a pizzeria, red is usually a good color for it," he said. "Broughton Street by itself is a really good street, but it needs something a little more poppy. It's got that old world feel, but a splash of color doesn't hurt anything."

Spongebob the Sequel begins filming on Tybee Island September 30th. The permit for Broughton Street is for up to 10 days, which filming beginning October 8th.

The City of Savannah tells WTOC parking will be an issue, since parking and traffic will be blocked off at times during filming, but businesses will be open and pedestrian traffic is encouraged during filming.

According to the city:

The signs between Lincoln and Montgomery on Broughton Street will be removed and filming will begin at that time until the 19th.  Parking is currently free on Broughton anyway but is only permitted for 2 hours. Since the 2 hour signs will be gone, there will be limited enforcement for the 2 hour time zones in the filming area during that time. All other areas will be enforced as usual. The filming will occur intermittently between Lincoln and Broughton but some of the areas will be closed during filming whereby there will be no parking allowed. However, the signs will be replaced once filming ends and parking will return to its’ regular enforcement schedule. Parking will not be free  in the garages during this time.

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