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Effingham County girl faces long recovery after pit bull attack

ECSO's Public Information Officer David Ehsanipoor ECSO's Public Information Officer David Ehsanipoor

A pit bull that severely injured an 8-year-old girl in Effingham County may find a new home.

On Tuesday, Bouncer the pit bull was taken out of quarantine while the 8-year-old he attacked remains in the hospital. She nearly lost her arm from the attack and WTOC was told the dog will likely be euthanized.

Officials with Effingham County Animal Control said that although they have the right to put the dog down, there is a chance the dog may be adopted by a family without children in another state.

Animal control workers said the dog has been interacting well with other animals and does not seem aggressive and was actually very friendly.

The sheriff's office officials had said they believe the little girl approached the dog while he was eating and was tethered. The sheriff is not charging the owner.

"Right now, from what I have heard, the child is still in the hospital due to the injuries to her arms sustained by the pit bull," said ECSO Public Information Officer David Ehsanipoor. "The pit bull is in the custody of the county right now. It is possible he may be put down by Thursday. The investigation doesn't look like there is any criminal intent of any sort, so the owner of the dog surrendered the dog to the county."

The decision to put the dog down will be up to the shelter. Officials said the  pit bull tested negative for rabies.

Tori Menius is still in the hospital. She had surgery on her arm nearly 10 days ago. Despite efforts to repair the wounds from the attack, her arm keeps getting infected.

WTOC spoke to her grandmother Janet Legget over the phone Tuesday as she sits by Menius's side. She said her granddaughter is doing well and in good spirits.

The pit bull bite tore all of the muscles and tendons in her arm. Tori is able to move her hand and fingers, but can't bend her arm at the elbow yet. Family members say she still has a long way to go as the girl continues to fight infections in the arm.

"This wasn't just a dog bite, this was traumatizing," said Legget. "It looks remarkable compared to what it looked like the day it happened. She is still facing a lot of rehab and a lot of pain and suffering. She is still having nightmares and night terrors and then the rehab she has use of fingers and hands but not at the elbow."

The little girl will undergo physical therapy.

At this point, only time will tell whether she will have get full range of motion on her arm once again. Tori's family wants the dog put to sleep.

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