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Funding cut to Moody AFB library


Folks at Moody Air Force Base can no longer check out books from the base library. The Air Force cut all funding for the facility. Now, base leaders are trying to figure out how to keep the library's services going.

A library that usually has 250 to 400 people a day check out books, now has zero. Right now the Moody community is no longer allowed to check out books, DVD's, or any other materials since the base's library funding was cut completely.

"A little surprised that the funding was cut entirely. I thought maybe we would get some funding cuts, obviously there's a lot of budget constraints right now," said Major Jonathon Mizell, who oversees many of the bases facilities including the library. 

Nine other U.S. Air Force base's funding has also been cut by Air Combat Command. Four have decided to close. But Major Mizell says Moody is trying to still provide some level of service.

"There's four main areas within the library: circulation, computer support, student support, and children's programs. Three out of those four I know I can save somewhere else on the base, if not here inside this building," said Major Mizell.

But as far as checking out books, that's still up in the air. For English major Courtney Sambula she's worried her school work will suffer. "Now I'll probably have to bring extra change to make copies and try to have more time to write down the information that I really need, because I can't take it out."

And with the children's center empty, Sambula believes it'll be most difficult for the Moody kids. "They're like I want to read this one, this one, this one, and they won't be able to take them home. It's going to be difficult. It's going to really hurt a lot of people."

It took $292,000 last year to run the library and pay its six employees. Officials say regardless of all the volunteers who have stepped forward, there's still a major impact without funding.

Some employees have already been transferred to other jobs on base, but two will be laid off at the end of the month.

The computer lab remains open, but library officials ask that anyone who has books or other materials checked out to return them.

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