Viewpoint: Miss America

What does America look like? America is white, brown, black, European-American, African-American, Indian-American, Hispanic-American, Italian-America, German-American, Asian-American and so on.

I think you've got the picture.  America is a diverse country!

The recent uproar after the crowning of our nation's first Indian-American is very disappointing and is not a good example of a country, also known as a melting pot.

She may not have been your choice to wear the crown, for various reasons. maybe you didn't like her talent. maybe you didn't like her evening gown or swimsuit… but  she won it!  Some Americans referred to her a "terrorist" and incorrectly said she was of Middle Eastern origin.

There were even racist jokes about 7-eleven convenience stores.

Our hats are off to our new Miss America for the way she handled all of the small-minded people.  Her platform,  "Celebrating Diversity Through Cultural Competency" is spot on and  addresses these types of negative attitudes.

She handled it with grace and poise!

Oh!...    Isn't that what Miss America is supposed to do?