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Statesboro woman bitten by rabid fox

Cathy Riccio is recovering after being bitten by a rabid fox. Cathy Riccio is recovering after being bitten by a rabid fox.

A rabid fox tried to attack a small dog outside a Bulloch County home. Instead it bit the dog's owner on the foot.

Cathy Riccio must endure two weeks of shots after a rabid fox attacked her and bit her ankle. She had taken her dog outside last Tuesday morning. The next thing she knew, the dog was squealing.

"I pulled the dog closer and the fox just kept coming and bit me at the top of my foot," she said. "We ran back up the deck to the door and the fox just followed us all the way."

Her husband shot at the fox and nicked it in the ear. Bulloch County Animal Control came out and searched the woods with no luck. They did, however, find a den in the woods next to the home.

They spotted the fox, nicked ear and all, in the yard the next evening. Her husband fired a fatal shot that time. Animal Control and a local vet tested the fox and confirmed it was rabid.

"I just urge people to keep their pets immunized," Riccio said. "If mine weren't immunized, they might have been quarantined and maybe euthanized."

Riccio also urged rural homeowners not to leave pet food outside exposed where it may attract wild or rabid animals.

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