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Citizens learn how to shoot firearms safely


Some Albany residents learned more about firearm safety Saturday. The police department held a free firearm safety for people. After some classroom training, they headed to the gun range to test their skills.

Albany resident Barbara Brown shot her hand gun for the first time Saturday. She's owned her firearm for eight years, but hasn't had a chance to learn how to properly shoot it.

"Because crime rate is so high. So I wanted to know what's my options when it came down to the situation where I may have to shoot," said Barbara Brown.

More than half a dozen people attended the Albany Police Department's Firearm Safety Class. Many say they own a gun for protection.

Chuck Roberts, who enjoys hunting and owns his own hand gun, feels the class should be a requirement for all gun owners.

"I have a permit to carry and I want to have some knowledge, so I signed up to have a better understanding of my handgun," said Chuck Roberts.

At the police department's shooting range, officers showed participants the proper way to handle a firearm. Brown says this also a great way to learn about gun rights.

"It's not right for them to have those type weapons because that's why it's so much crime. They shoot, shoot, shoot. They really don't know how to handle their own weapon," said Barbara Brown.

Citizens say they're grateful to the Albany Police Department for teaching them the basic rules of handgun safety.

For more information about the Albany police department's firearm safety class, you can contact the APD at 229-878-3141. People interested in attending are required to go through a background check.

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