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Sheriff: Online threat was aimed at Darien in McIntosh Co.


More than two weeks after heightening security and releasing students after a mysterious online threat to Darien, authorities have narrowed down which U.S. city named Darien the threat orginated from. McIntosh County Sheriff Steve Jessup said it came from  Darien in Georgia.

WTOC has new information on a threat that locked down all schools in McIntosh County more than two weeks ago.

Police in three U.S. cities tried to determine which town named Darien was being threatened online by someone. 

McIntosh County Sheriff Steve Jessup told WTOC on Friday a photo and message was posted on a social media forum website called He said GPS coordinates of the photo were within a 5-mile radius of the McIntosh County Sheriff's Office.  

On Sept. 5, Darien police in McIntosh County got word from Darien police in Connecticut there was an online threat of someone bringing a gun to a high school in Darien. 

All schools in the district were put on lockdown and then students were sent home. But there are also towns named Darien in Georgia, Illinois and Connecticut. 

Jessup said now that they have figured out the threat came from Darien, GA, they are trying to find out who this person is and to determine how serious of a threat he or she is.  

However, there is one problem. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, is more of an unknown online community. It is harder to trace IP addresses and messages on message boards and forums. 

Jessup said it could take a little while to find the culprit because it is so anonymous, but they will continue to investigate.

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