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Thieves caught red-handed

Willie Ross Willie Ross

People in a South Albany neighborhood, determined to fight crime, caught would-be thieves in the act Friday.

Willie Ross, a community leader in the Wells Avenue area, says around 10:00 Friday morning his neighbor started yelling for help. He spotted someone driving a wrecker truck trying to steal an entire tool shed.

Ross says when he and several other neighbors showed up, the crooks took off. "By the time I got around the fence he had let the tool shed down, off the truck when he fled. And then I called the police and they came right quick. And we're not putting up with no more break-ins or stealing of any kind."

 Albany Police are investigating. Ross did a story with us Just yesterday warning crooks that people in his neighborhood are fed up with crime and police are increasing patrols.

He says this is an example of neighbors coming together to fight crime.


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