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Become an extra on 'Spongebob Squarepants 2'


Some bad news for budding stars looking for a speaking role in "Spongebob Squarepants 2," the filmmakers are in the final stages of casting for speaking roles. So if you haven't gotten a call-back for the underwarter animation/live action movie, don't hold your breath.

But casting for extras is just ramping up.

It's all done online, according to Extra Casting Director Marty Siu. Siu gave these steps at a meet-and-greet with movie hopefuls at the Ellis Square B and D Burgers Thursday night:

Submit a headshot and a full body shot. Those don't have to be professionally done. A snapshot is fine. That gets you into the database.

The director will go to that database throughout shooting to pick who is needed for which scenes. There will be no in-person casting calls. It's all online. Visit the casting web site here.

The filmmakers need 1,500 extras and 2,000 already have applied. They need children. But because of the long shooting days, those children can't be under 6 years old. 

Extras will get $64 for up to eight hours of work and time and a half after that. The typical shooting day lasts 10 to 12 hours.

"It's a commitment," Siu said. "It's a job. So, when we do book you as an extra, if you accept the job and we invite you we expect you to understand that it's a job, and we expect you to stay the whole day. And it's a lot of fun." 

An important note, filmmakers won't take extras with tattoos. Since "Spongebob" a summer movie, they'll be hard to cover up. 

Also, they won't cast men with beards -- or women for that matter.They're looking for extras of all ages. But there are a few specific types in high demand: people active in watersports, bodybuilders and a set of toddler twins.

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