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South Albany citizens talk solutions with city manager

Ingrid Wilcox Ingrid Wilcox

Some people in south Albany say they're fed up with break in's in the neighborhood.

They took their concerns to the city's top man, hoping he can help protect their community better.

Those concerned residents met with city manager James Taylor Wednesday to discuss crime in their community. They say some progress was made.

Willie Ross and Ingrid Wilcox say they're already seeing results.

"They have beefed up. The officers are coming through more often. We're going to have the drug task force, they been vigilant since that meeting on yesterday," said Ingrid Wilcox.

Wilcox lives in the Southlake subdivision; recently someone threw a brick through her car window. She says this ongoing crime can have lasting effects.

"You're not going to be able to come out your own door. You're going to be afraid to leave your own house and this is what we are fighting about right now," said Ingrid Wilcox.

After the meeting, Willie Ross says he now knows his city leaders are doing what they can to protect the citizens. He wants everyone to keep reporting crime.

"Whoever you see doing wrong let the police know and make their job easier. God is watching over whoever you are, God is watching over you. Sooner or later the wheels going to turn on you," said Willie Ross.

Wilcox says her subdivision will not be taken over with burglaries and other vicious acts.

"Crime doesn't live here anymore. Crime won't be living here anymore because we have eyes and ears and we will be vigilantly watching what you are doing in our community," said Willie Ross.

Both Wilcox and Ross say the meeting was a step in the right direction. Willie Ross is planning a march next Saturday for the community from the South Lake subdivision to the courthouse.

Albany police say they have increased patrol in theft and burglary hot spot areas in every district.

Calls were made to James Taylor, Albany City Manager. He declined an interview with WALB NEWS 10.


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