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Military Matters: Warfighter Conference 2013


The Maneuver Center of Excellence is looking to the future.

If you have ever played soldier as a kid, the Warfighter Conference at Fort Benning is right up your alley.

It features everything today's troops could ask for, including battles, bombs, boots and guns galore.

Dale Bohner's firm, Heckler & Koch Defense, Inc., works with the military often. He says, "The biggest thing is just staying in contact with the customers. This is the Army's customer that's carrying some of our products, and we're working on some programs with them right now, so it's always nice. I handle the government side, but we like showing the guys some of the stuff they can buy for personal reasons too."

Local suppliers like, Ranger Joe's, are also present as companies that do business around the world.

Peter Baker is a retired Colonel who now works with SAAB North America. He was last at Fort Benning 30 years ago attending Airborne School.  

"Coming in the back gate, which was then the front gate, a lot of good memories came back to me. A lot has changed, and a lot has stayed the same. The museum, I'm looking forward to visiting that. The new buildings, the new academic buildings very impressive," says Baker.

The Army is a lot different than it was 40 years ago, and conferences like these are designed to keep up with technology. GEN Robert W. Cone of the US Army Training and Doctrine Command explains the purpose.

"We are the best army in the world, and when you put people on the ground somewhere they better be prepared to pull out everything which is in the design capability of their organization. We owe nothing less to the American people if I take your son or daughter and put them in harm's way," says Cone.

In addition to the military hardware and their vendors at the Warfighter Conference, soldiers also heard from several of the Army's top leaders about being prepared for future conflicts.

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