Viewpoint: Mental illness at root of murders

State and federal governments have drastically cut funding for people with mental illness for years, and it was bound to have negative effects. We had massive loss of life with Sandy Hook, Aurora, and now the Navy Yard murders.

They all have in common mentally ill people who got their hands on guns…

And in our area, Southwestern State Hospital is closing.

People with mental issues, if not controlled and dealt with by families, will have to be dealt with by the rest of us. Next month, there is a community-wide training event on mental health right here in Albany.

On October 5th, the Southwest Georgia for Community Conversations on Mental Health conference will be held at Albany State University.  CLICK HERE for info.

It's part of the Creating Community Solutions and is open to  agencies, organizations, and citizens to become part of the steering committee for holding the community conversations.

This is certainly a step in the right direction and we encourage participation.

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