WALB TOP TEN TEAM: Monroe's Stafford enjoying new uptempo offense

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Monroe Tornadoes don't want to give the opposing defense even a second to catch their breath.

"We try to keep the defense off their feet, and have them tired and run a play," says senior QB Charles Stafford of the Tornadoes' offensive strategy.

The Tornadoes have picked up the pace this season, running the uptempo offense that is all the rage in football these days.

And the biggest fan of the change is Stafford, who's been a fan since the Oregon Ducks put it in place years ago.

"They run like 60 plays in the first half," he says. "So we need to do the same thing."

In order to run the offense, which requires many plays to be called or changed at the line of scrimmage, one must have faith in their quarterback.

That's no problem for head coach Charles Truitt and the Tornadoes with a four year starter like Stafford under center.

"Charles knows this playbook inside and out, so we've turned it over to him," says Truitt. "Even though we might call a play from the sideline that might not work, we expect him to put us in a play that will work."

Truitt likes how the offense fits the weapons Stafford brings to the table.

"With him making the reads that's he making, and with the receivers we have, we feel good about that tempo we have," Truitt says.

The senior QB is getting looks from SEC and ACC schools, and Truitt believes the shift to this offense will help his star in the recruiting process.

"With that uptempo, what most colleges are going to now, that's playing a big advantage for him to maybe be able to land one of those big scholarship offers," the Tornadoes' head coach says.

But before that comes though, our newest Top Ten Teamer hopes to reach a certain statistical goal this season.

"Four thousand yards, four thousand yards," Stafford says. "That's what I'm trying to reach"

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