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Albany Pill Drop called "great success"

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Drug agents say prescription drug abuse is a growing crime and health problem.

South Georgians turned in 48 pounds of unneeded pills at a drop off event Saturday at the Albany Civic Center. South Georgians turned in thousands of pills, everything from over the counter pills to heavy narcotic pain killers. Drug agents say that's good news they will never endanger anyone again.

This is a large portion of the estimated 48,000 pills turned in at the pill drop Saturday. 48 pounds of pills. Every color, shape, and size imaginable. People also dropped off more than 30 pounds of liquid medicine. Drug agents called the pill drop a great success, judging by not only the number of pills dropped off, but also the number of people knowing it's smart to get the dangerous pills out of their homes safely.

15:58:32 Albany Dougherty Drug Unit Commander Major Bill Berry said "Not only that there's a problem with the expired medicine. But because they are a danger to anybody that doesn't know what they are. Kids in the home. Kids visiting. Grand kids visiting. Then also, if you drop them in the toiler they get into the system and the systems are not designed to purify those elements out of it."

Now these drugs also will never end up being sold on the streets. Drug agents say they see prescription pill addiction and sales in almost every one of their cases.

Berry said "They may be getting, selling just marijuana, but they have some pills with them. Maybe it's the coke or crack, but they have pills with them. It seems like every time we do a drug deal or search warrant or arrest, there are pain pills involved."

Drug agents say one of the most dangerous practices they see involving prescription pills are called "Skittles Parties."   Where people just put a number of pills in a bowl and take them randomly. Drug agents are glad to know these pills will not be endangering anyone.

And what do the drug agents do with all those pills and medicines? The liquids are absorbed in cat litter, and with the pills they are put in an incinerator and burned. That was done this afternoon.

Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful officials also had a drop off for electronics Saturday, and officials say they packed a tractor trailer truck three quarters full with devices, that will now be recycled.