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Trucks get a close inspection


Public Safety officers are warning truck drivers to make sure their brakes are in good condition. Officers across the county are out stopping commercial trucks for the annual Brake Safety Week.

Every 10 hours 1,800 trucks pass through this Lowndes County Inspection Station off of I-75.

This week drivers have been warned to be prepared to stop for a brake inspection, and to show their drivers license and medical card. It's national brake safety week and these public safety officers take it very seriously.

For one truck driver, the inspection is not looking good. He's got a hole in his brake line. "I'll be back there in just a minute; we'll do a quick inspection." Sergeant Bart Spikes with the Motor Carrier Compliance Division is putting this truck out of service until the driver can get it fixed. It's a defect Spikes says could have prevented a crash.

All trucking companies have been notified ahead of time of the nationwide inspection week.

Captain Tony Byrd says it never surprises him how many trucks come through with safety hazards. "You would think with the publicity that it gets, that they would be a little bit more prepared but they're not."

"We're checking the u-bolts that hold the springs," said Sergeant Spikes as he gets under the truck, making sure nothing goes unnoticed. And another violation is found.

For these officers their 4,700 inspections this year have placed 535 trucks out of service as well as 300 truck drivers. Once a year officers also hold an unannounced 24 hour inspection. They're not only looking for truck violations, but DUI's, driver fatigue, license violations and more.


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