Viewpoint: Students must choose a career

It's a little unfair that some important decisions we make in life happen early in life, when we aren't best equipped to make good decisions.

One of those is becoming more important than ever, and state and local educators are endorsing it. We're talking about deciding on what we want to do, when we grow up.

Waiting until after high school graduation is really too late to be making this decision.  Students need to get the training they need to be successful at whatever field they choose, as early in their school career as possible.

Some say this is too big a decision to make in the 9th grade. That's why parents need to be involved in helping their children decide what vocation they'd like to do, and in helping them get that education.

With every advancement in technology, the need for a good education grows. Future generations must be as educated as possible if they expect to have a skill that an employer will pay for.

That decision is being forced on us at a young age, and our kids need to be ready...