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South Georgians gather to remember 9/11 victims

Choir sings at service. Choir sings at service.
Fire Chief James Carswell speaking to crowd. Fire Chief James Carswell speaking to crowd.

Music, prayers, and words of tribute tonight to remember the lives lost on 9/11. 

The tragic events of that day are ingrained in the memories of the folks who came out to this service.  

"It was like standstill, your heart standing still, everything just being totally still, because you just can't believe it, it just didn't seem real," said Beverly Grimsley, event attendee  

"Everybody is going to remember it, because it's such a tragedy, and so many people lost their lives and it affected so many people," said Jason Jones, event attendee.  

Beverly Grimsley came to tonight's ceremony with her family to pay her respects to the victims.  She has a friend who worked in the World Trade Center, luckily that person wasn't working that day.  

"I thank God because there was someone I knew, she worked there and it happened to be the day she didn't go to work," said Grimsley.  

343 New York City firefighters were killed trying to save others on 9/11.  Albany Fire Chief James Carswell remembers 9/11 like it was yesterday.  

"Well I was actually in my office when we were told that the plane had hit the towers," said James Carswell, Fire Chief, Albany Fire Department.  

Carswell initially thought it was just an accident.  

"And when the 2nd plane hit, of course we realized it was a terror attack," said Carswell.  

He and the other firefighters here tonight share a special bond with each other and the first responders who died 12 years ago.

"All fire fighters across the country really consider themselves brothers and sisters, you can go in any fire station and say you're a firefighter your immediately welcomed into their little group and so we're all brothers and sisters in our profession," said Carswell.  

And today was a day of remembering their brave brothers and sisters who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

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