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Farmers tour Tifton cotton and peanut farms


South Georgia farmers toured two of the biggest farms in Tifton Wednesday. Researchers and scientists showed off their research with plot-side presentations.

Growers and producers of peanuts and cotton visited Gibbs and Lang-Rigdon farms in Tifton. The research day gave them a chance to meet with Georgia's peanut and cotton commissions.

"That's part of the exciting thing about doing a research day. You get to experiment with new tools, new opportunity, new technology and we try to do that each year," said John Beasley, Peanut Agronomist.

At this annual research field day, cotton and peanut teams expressed their opinions and concerns about the production of their crops and how they can have a good harvest this year.

"A lot of environmental factors and pest problems can cause it to mature earlier or later so the important thing is to watch and check with local county extension agent  to determine is the field ahead of schedule, behind or right on target," said John Beasley.

Beasley says the money for research projects on these crops is being spent wisely by the Peanut and Cotton Commissions.

"When the two organizations allocate out their research dollars to cotton scientist and peanut scientists, that money is not being wasted. It's being put towards research that will help generate answers to problems and it will help put money back in their pockets," said John Beasley.

Farmers who grow both important crops say when they do better; it benefits the economy throughout South Georgia.

Scientists say the cotton is doing okay for this harvest season. But the peanut harvest will be delayed until late September into October.

The Georgia Cotton Commission, Georgia Peanut Commission and University of Georgia Extension Cotton and Peanut Teams co-sponsored the research field day.


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