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In their own words: remembering 9/11


"Every time we celebrate 9/11 or we celebrate Pearl Harbor it lets us know that our freedom is not free. That we have to keep defending it, keep fighting for it and keep earning it everyday." -Albany Commissioner Ivey Hines

"Thank You, thank you for your willingness to serve and willingness to put your life on the line for us." -Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard

"There's all kinds of emotions, disbelief; I think anytime you witness that, even though it's so far away from us here in Albany, Georgia, we definitely felt and mourn and felt the affects all over the country and the world." -Albany Commissioner Christopher Pike

"[I remember] the tragedy and the sadness when the towers fell. You had all of the emotions that day it was traumatic to all firefighters across this country." -Albany Fire Chief James Carswell

Today I feel proud to be an American; I wouldn't take it back because if there is someone that can be that envious of who we are and what we stand for then obviously we are doing something that's piercing." -Helena Collins with Girls INC.

"I can just remember the feelings of horror and dread. That's probably just engrained in my mind as the greatest tragedy that I've ever experienced, and probably will ever hope to experience in my lifetime." -Sherrell Alexander with Girls INC.

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