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Valdostans young & old honor 9/11


Holding hands during a moment of silence, Valdostans gathered at Fire Station #1 Wednesday morning to honor those who died in the attacks 12 years ago.

Bag pipers played, people prayed, and the community remembered. It was an emotional day for many.

Mayor John Gayle says he remembers like it was yesterday. "I remember it. I was at work drinking a cup of coffee and we had the TV, the news on that morning. And I didn't know what was happening, nobody did. Until somebody came running in and said we've been attacked."

Alfred Goosby attends Valdosta's ceremony every year. His cousin worked in one of the twin towers. It wasn't until a week after the attacks his family learned she was safe. "That was an experience you don't want to go through again. When you know a loved one works there and you don't know if they're safe or not."

And across town kindergartners at Clyattville Elementary who are too young to remember, learned. They learned about the men and women we call heroes. And to honor them they released 100 balloons into the sky.

"Because the children are so small we really don't want to focus so much on the death and the loss, although we do touch on that. But we like to add the component of community heroes," said Principal Debbie Brantley.

And heroes were there. As the entire school looked on, airmen from Moody raised the school's flag, then lowered it to half staff. It's a ceremony Clyattville has done for 12 years, and one that will continue on.

Lowndes County officials also placed a wreath in front of the 9/11 monument at the historic courthouse downtown.

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