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Pentagon survivor recalls 9/11

The events of 9/11 and the war on terror that followed hit very close to home for a high ranking marine at MCLB Albany.

Colonel Yori Escalante not only served in Afghanistan, he was in the Pentagon when it came under attack 12 years ago today. He says we're still learning from that day, more than a decade later.

Colonel Yori Escalante was in 5th floor meeting the moment the Pentagon was struck by a commercial jet. "All of sudden, boom! Huge explosion," said Escalante. "I hit speed dial and I called my wife. I said the buildings been hit. I'm ok. I'm getting out. How many of those same phone calls were made from the World Trade Center with those same words and they didn't get out."

In the midst of chaos, one thing was certain, "Right away we knew we were at war." Now chief of staff of Marine Corps Logistics Command, Col. Escalante went on to fight the war on terror in Afghanistan.

A war still going on twelve years later, "We have to stay vigilant, we have to stay diligent. We have to remember every day that we were attacked." From a man who has seen the work of our enemies both at home and abroad... Keeping them away from our shores, is the ultimate goal. Either bring them to justice diplomatically, which is by far the most preferred method.

But if we have to go to war, if we have to use force, the US Marine Corps will be there protect the United States interest."

For now and forever, the sacrifices of those who have prevented another such attack won't be forgotten. 184 people were killed in the attack on the Pentagon; 59 of those aboard the hi-jacked plane.


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