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Truck safety measured enforced this week


The Georgia Public Safety Motor Carrier Compliance Division will be inspecting trucks and truck drivers through Saturday as part of brake safety week.

Approximately 5,000 trucking accidents a year result in death, with a 68 percent of them happening in rural areas like most of Southwest Georgia.

"An accident with these (trucks) is a lot more disastrous than with a regular passenger vehicle," said truck driver Mike Davis "With a truck going 65 miles per hour, it would be like a car getting into an accident at 100 miles per hour.

The MCCD inspections should help lower the number of accidents but truck drivers say there are things passenger-vehicle drivers can do to help avoid them as well.

Among the tips, truck drivers said to avoid the blind spot on the passenger side, to avoid remaining too long on the driver's left side and do not jam your brakes.

This is the second of two brake safety enforcement periods of the year

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