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Firefighter offers reward after burglary


Crooks broke into an Albany firefighter and retired Marine's home and stole thousands of dollars of his valuables. It's the second home burglary in West Worth County in recent days, and that firefighter is offering a reward.

D. J. Langlinais is one of those community heroes and good guys. But someone Monday broke into his home and stole family jewelry and ten guns, even a safe. Now he is offering a $200 reward to help catch them.

Monday while he was at work as an Albany firefighter, 10 guns, jewelry, and a safe went missing. It was worth about $18,000.

"It worries me," Langlinais said "It doesn't worry just me but I'm also concerned for my neighbors. Especially since my guns now are missing."

His girlfriend found jewelry by the still locked gate outside his farm on Peafowl Road in West Worth County Monday evening, and knew something was wrong.

Langlinais said "Apparently what happened someone jumped the gate did what they needed to do, and returning to their vehicle jumped the gate again and dropped jewelry on the ground."

D. J. figures it must have been at least three bold thieves, they broke in despite his dogs. He's glad they were not harmed. Like most folks, he moved to the country for peace and quiet, and to get away from crime.

"That's probably what bothers me the most. Crime is now everywhere. We need to get tougher laws, because there is more and more crime being committed."

Langlinais believes the thieves parked a car outside his gate by Peafowl Road sometime during the day Monday, and hopes someone saw that car. Now he is offering a reward for information to help catch the thieves.

"I would say ten to fifteen minutes that vehicle was parked outside my gate. Somebody seen something."

He would like to get his prized gun collection and family jewelry back-- and his peace of mind that his crooks will leave his farm and home alone.

Worth County Sheriff Jeff Hobby said they have not found any evidence that this burglary and the one on Highway 82 Thursday are connected, but they are looking into it. Right now he is asking people who live in that area to keep watch for suspicious activity and to call his office if you have information about the crimes.

The son of the victim of that other burglary is offering a $2,000 reward, hoping to get back his mother's belongings.


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