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Protecting Your Family While Deer Hunting

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Bows used for hunting. Bows used for hunting.
Frank Herndon explains what precautions hunters need to take. Frank Herndon explains what precautions hunters need to take.

Get the bow and arrow ready because deer season is almost here. It's considered a time when many Southwest Georgians come together to share the sport with friends and family. And a promise for a good season, safety is a must.

"We have people every year, I'm speaking from experience, that get hurt in hunting accidents and the major cause is gonna be falling from tree stands," Backwood Outdoors associate Frank Herndon said.

That's something the Georgia Department of Natural Resources rates as one of the top reasons for injury. When using tree stands it's recommended to secure it no more than 20 feet high and if you decide to bring your child have both of you strapped in with a body harness. Also, wearing proper clothing makes an impact, according to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, wearing hunter orange gear makes you seven times less likely to become a target.

And avoid hunting alone but if you do decide to.

"Make sure somebody knows where you're gonna be at so if you didn't come home when you're supposed to, they'll know where to find you," Herndon stresses.

Because precaution is key to ensure a fun trip.

For Georgia hunting regulations and rules:


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