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Darton's athletic trainer stresses hydration


Darton State head athletic trainer Becky Borer is used to treating athletes' injuries. 

She never expected that Darton wrestlers would be hospitalized with serious complications from heat and dehydration.  

"They were, it's something you never want to happen as a school, as an athletic trainer, coach, anything," said Becky Borer, Athletic Trainer, Darton State College.  

Three Darton wrestlers passed out during long runs in the heat on two separate days last week.  Borer says Darton has a strict heat safety policy.  

"The heat safety policy we have in place right now is they're allowed to practice up to a heat index of 105 that's alongside of American College and sports medicine, they use a wet bulb temperature, any reading below 92.1 degrees is allowable for them to practice in those in conditions," said Borer.

When the athletes collapsed last week, the wet bulb temperature was at a level that indicates increased risk. But Borer says it was in the acceptable range based on the college's policy.

"Now the wrestling team were not acclimatized to the weather but according to American College Sports Medicine they're allowed to practice at 82.1 according to the wet bulb we were at 78 that day so they were well within our protocol, everything was followed as the conditions stated in our policy," said Borer.  

Borer says Alex Washington's symptoms Tuesday were caused by dehydration.   

"It was not actually a heat stroke relation or heat illness at that time, it was more of a dehydration factor from the previous days leading up to, so he did not hydrate his body prior to practice," said Borer.  

She says Ben Richards did suffer a heat stroke the following day.  

"He was feeling sick that day, didn't let anybody know and he just suffered a heat illness because of the lack of dehydration," said Borer.  

Borer encourages everyone to hydrate before and after strenuous activity in the heat to avoid problems.

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