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Crisp County to re-evaluate safety measures following ambulance theft


Officials with the Crisp County EMS are looking into safety improvements after a man was able to steal an ambulance last week.

It happened early last Wednesday as paramedics were attempting to load up a patient for a transfer when they noticed it was missing. Within the hour, the Crisp County Sheriff's Office was able to track down 56-year-old Williams Henry Joiner with help from the Montezuma police thanks to a GPS device.

Joiner found the vehicle running when he checked himself out of the hospital.

"We don't turn them off when we are on calls," said Crisp County EMS Director David Edwards. "You don't want to, you know, have an unfortunate incident, it may not crank back up, you just have to leave them running when your on the scene and it could easily happen."

Edwards cannot divulge the improvements but says adjustments will be made to prevent the incident from happening again.

Crisp County EMS has 6 available vehicles in total. Edwards wants people to realize how important having all of them are to public safety.

"Something like this happens, an accident, the very least is the vehicle can be damaged and not usable," Edwards said. "Or certainly very worst, someone can be hurt or killed as a result of an incidence like this."

Joiner was admitted back into Crisp Regional Hospital after being charged with theft and has since been released.

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