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Shooting in Ashburn leaves one dead and one injured

Sakiya Taylor knew Quintonio Traylor. Sakiya Taylor knew Quintonio Traylor.

A tight knit community is in shock tonight.  

"Yeah were shaken up about it," said Ruby Dorsey, Ashburn resident.  

All over a shooting that happened in what many say is a quiet neighborhood. The victims were found shot in their car, one dead and one injured.  

"About 7 am this morning officers responded to Howell Circle here in Ashburn, they discovered two gunshot victims, the first victim was transported to Macon for emergency surgery, the second victim unfortunately was deceased at the scene Mr. Quintonio Traylor," said Joe Saxon, Chief of Police, Ashburn Police Department.  

The first victim, Nathaniel Thomas from Ashburn is currently in surgery as doctors try to remove the bullet lodged behind his eye.  

Sakiya Taylor knew Quintonio Traylor, they attended high school together, and graduated the same year. She found out about his death today through a phone call.  

"I got a call like this morning people were saying, I just still can't believe it so I just started calling his phone and calling, and he never did answer, so I kind of figured that," said Taylor.  

Sakiya Taylor says Quintonio was a young man who was liked by many people in the community.  

"He was a good person, everybody liked him, he was just friendly he got a long with everybody, he just a people person," said Taylor.  

Ashburn Police are not taking this incident lightly, and are pursuing leads.

"We're running all possibilities down at this time, we don't have a person of interest at this particular time, but we are following information that we hope would lead to one," said Saxon.

All in an effort to answer what many are people are asking.  

"Why? Why? That's the only question I have is why? Like why?," said Taylor.  

And bring some closure to a horrific situation.

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