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Georgia dove season opens Saturday


Georgia dove season opens Saturday at noon, and thousands of hunters are expected to take part in the unofficial start of fall hunting season.

The daily bag limit is 15 birds per day per hunter, and this year dove hunters are expecting to benefit from the recent wet weather to achieving that limit. After years of drought, hunters think the number of dove in the field will be greatly increased.

"With the wet weather, the crops this year," said Backwoods Outdoors sales representative Frank Herndon.  "They had rally good crops of corn and stuff. And a lot of these fields that I've been driving by where the corn has been cut. You see a lot of corn on the ground, I've seen a lot of dove."

South Georgia hunting stores say they have seen increased sales of guns and shells this year as dove hunters prepare. Hunters are urged to protect themselves and their dogs tomorrow in what is expected to be extremely hot and humid conditions.

You can read more about dove hunting state regulations here.

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