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Celebrate National Recovery Month in Thomasville


This month folks are encouraged to celebrate those who have recovered from or are trying to recover from behavioral or mental illness.

An annual awareness event will take place Saturday in Thomasville.

As a major state facility gets ready to close, mental health officials say awareness is as critical as ever.

This area of Cherokee Lake in Thomasville will be filled with folks young and old Saturday celebrating and learning about recovery.

"Gearing towards informing the community about the services that Thomasville and Thomas County offer to parents so that we can look at the prevention side of substance abuse, mental health, and behavior issues, " said Heritage Foundation Executive Director Nicole Gatlin.

The annual National Recovery Month Prevention Fair is designed to spread awareness on behavioral and mental health issues.

"We hope that families who have children from the ages of six to 14 are there. We do have a lot of different organizations that will be there with booths of information again to bring awareness to the community of the services that are in our area," said Gatlin.

A main focus of this month is addiction.

Which Gatlin says is moving in the right direction.

"I think it has gotten better. I think it has gotten better because the stigma is being removed from substance abuse. There are a lot more people who are willing to get help or willing to seek help for their family members that need a little push."

But with Southwestern State Hospital set to close at the end of the year, health officials say recovery awareness is crucial.

"It is very important. It is very important for the community to know what services are out here for their family and friends so that they can refer and get the appropriate services," said Gatlin.

Thomasville Police, Fire, and other emergency organizations will also be on hand Saturday to provide education on safety, prevention, and treatment.

The Fair kicks off at 10 Saturday morning at Cherokee Lake on Covington Avenue.

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