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Farmers are back in the fields


Farmers are happy they've gotten a break this week from relentless rain. They're back in the fields getting ready for harvest season. Mark Daniel of Mark's Melon Patch who says he saw 11 inches of rain in six days at one point this summer.

Now that the heavy rain has passed, he's back to working the fields. "We spotted showers here and there and we'll be in good shape," said Mark Daniel.

Daniel good about being out in the field again after so much rain in August. He says the water could've damaged his pumpkin crop. "You tend to build up disease and stuff when it rains like that and you can't get in the field to tend to your crops, but the drier weather now has allowed for greener growth to come on without any diseases."

Like most farmers. Daniel says he's appreciating the drier air and is getting as much work done until the rain starts up again. "If I've had it my way, I've have an inch of rain a week until the end of September to get this pumpkin crop and peanut crop in good shape for the harvest in October."

 He says his fields got so much rain; he couldn't use his tractor and had to dig up crops by hand. "September typically gets dry. I think is the third driest month of the year historically. So that really helps cause September is when harvest season starts."

Daniel says the impact of the rain didn't hamper his business. "So everything is on the up and up now compared to about two weeks ago. We finally got the soil kinda dry and we can get things rocking and rolling again to get ready for October," he said.

Daniel believes he's in good shape for a good harvest season, and other crops like sunflowers and peanuts are also looking pretty good for this season despite the rain. In the last two weeks, Mark's Melon patch has only received about a half inch of rain.


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